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The all-in-one tool suite that lets you automate your Facebook marketing.
Automated Engagement, Follow Up & Organization

Why You Need To Grab Commissions Lead Machine TODAY:

  • Add targeted buyer friends automatically and send an instant message at the same time..
  • Send broadcast messages to your Facebook contacts
  • Keep notes on your leads within your messenger and even add them to Google calendar
  • Sort your contacts by tags or notes
  • Automatically tag and sort people in messenger so you can turn your messenger into a CRM and organize your leads
  • Automatically comment and send a message to people who comment on your posts
  • Create canned responses to save time rewriting the same message
  • Create follow up campaigns to your messenger contacts
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Get More Results in Less Time and Effort

 Get Automated With Commissions Lead Machine Software…

As you will see inside Commissions Lead Machine, using your Facebook feed for organic Facebook marketing is very powerful and will give you consistent results.

Being able to build your buyers list for free using the Commissions Lead Machine technique is really going to make a huge difference to your affiliate promotions. with most free traffic techniques, it can be very time consuming and a little bit mundane sometimes with tasks like:-
  • Finding targeted people in your niche on Facebook...​
  • ​Manually sending them friend requests...​
  • ​Sending them the first message...​
  • Keeping track of all the people you have talked to...​
  • Following up with potential customers...​
  • ​Replying to hundreds of comments on your posts...

Automate Your Workload

Let's get automated! 

Our software will automate your Facebook marketing and actually make it fun instead of mundane.

You will be able to automatically add buyers to your friends list, send them a welcome message and follow up with them.

You can sort all of your leads, tag them, and even add notes to specific leads.

Automatically respond to your Facebook promotional posts, just press a button and the software will reply to their comment and send them your affiliate link at the same time.

Automate Your Facebook Marketing

Automated Engagement, Follow Up & Organization

The Commissions Lead Machine Software is going to help you to totally crush your affiliate marketing campaigns by automating most of your tasks.

You can turn your Facebook messenger into your own CRM so that you can mange all of your leads easily.

You can track and organize all of your messenger leads all in one place.

You can add notes to your leads, add them to follow up campaigns, send broadcast messages and even have canned responses at the ready to save you even more time replying to people.
Simply automate your affiliate promotions.

You just add your reply comments and reply messages to the software and hit start.

You can set the software to just reply and send your links to those people who have specifically requested them by setting keywords in the software
Tag and sort all of your leads, send broadcasts and create campaigns.

You can add notes to each of your leads and sort by both notes and tag, this is a massive time saver and you can move people into different campaigns.
Automatically send friend requests and a message to targeted prospects.

By sending people a short message telling them why you've added them as a friend not only increases the chances of people accepting your request, but it also  increases engagement.
Send friend requests to engaged users in your favourite groups who have liked posts .

Just chooose a post which has alot of engagement, set the tag you want to add them to and hit start.

The software will send people a friend request and send them a message telling them why you're adding them as a friend at the same time.

With Commissions Lead Machine Software You Get:-

  • ​Step By Step Video Training
  • ​Tag And Organize Your Contacts
  • Send Broadcast Messages
  • Send Canned Responses
  • ​Create Messenger Campaigns
  • Friend Adder & Remover
  • ​Automated Commenting & Replying
  • 6 Step Guide to Crush Affiliate Promotions
  • Add contacts to Google Calendar
  • Auto Reply to Incoming Friend Requests

Sounds Good, Right?

And remember, you’re protected by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee... So there’s no risk here.

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